The Male G-Spot

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Some (maybe most) of you already know about the male G-Spot. But do you know how to find it? Or how to stimulate it?


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So what is the male g-spot? The male g-spot is your prostate gland. The prostate is a reproductive gland used to create semen. (Fun fact: the prostate gland is responsible for most of the liquid in semen. While sperm makes up just 10% of the salty liquid.) The prostate gland is located two inches inside of the anus and has almost as many nerve endings as the clitoris. When stimulated to trigger an orgasm, the orgasm is an INTENSE FULL-BODY orgasm.

The prostate gland is called the “Male G-Spot” because it is much like the “Female G-Spot”. (Which is still being debated, but more on this later.)


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First of all you want to RELAX. You do NOT want to tense your body up as this will cause it to be more painful than pleasurable. Next, you’ll need a lot of lube. Probably more than you think so I’d keep the bottle handy. If it starts to hurt at all, add more lube. The anus is NOT self-lubricating and there for you need to make sure it is lubricated very well. You’ll want to go slowly. This isn’t a race. You’ll want to take your time and explore what feels good. Going slower will also help you stay relaxed.

For a “warm-up” you’ll want to massage your perineum (taint) gently. Tilt your hips up and place a pillow beneath them to keep yourself titled. You need to rub externally before internally so you can stimulate the nerve endings. This will make it more pleasurable for when it’s time to stimulate it.


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Alright, now here comes the fun part. Make sure your hands are clean and nails are trimmed because who wants to scratch up there, amiright? Once you are well lubed up, you want to slide your finger inside your ass. (Note: You do NOT need to use more than just a finger.) Now when you find the spot that feels like a walnut you’ll want to rub, press, massage it, pressing toward the rear. (Your dick will have increased sensitivity when this is done correctly but you can worry about that another time.) You’ll want to make a “come-hither” motion with your finger just like you’d do to the female G-Spot. (If you are LGBT and you don’t sleep with vagina-owners, then you can disregard that.)

You can do something that’s called “milking the prostate”. This is not because semen is creamy white, this is because you’re sort of doing the same thing as a dairy farmer would do to milk a cow. You’re trying to stimulate yourself enough to cum. When you milk the prostate gland you release pressure that’s built up and this can actually lead to a reduced chance of prostate cancer!

Toy Experimentation

This was something I didn’t know existed until today and I think it’s fucking awesome. A word of advice: use a buttplug before hand. You don’t want to just go around shoving things in your ass without this extra step.

Prostate Massagers are designed differently than normal vibrators. They target the prostate. They are designed to stimulate your perfect spot. Make sure you purchase one with a tail and/or handle so you don’t end up on the show “Sex Sent Me To The E.R.”

I’ve recently become an affiliate for Jack and Jill Adult. They’ve got an amazing selection of prostate toys that I think would really help you find what you need. Use the link below to check out all the amazing different Prostate Massagers they have.

Don’t be afraid of the pleasure, fellas.

Stay Sexy. Stay positive.



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