My First Toy

I still remember getting my very first sex toy. It was December 2007. D and I had been together for a year and a half. His friend, DA was home on leave from the Army and the three of us were hanging out a lot. Along with his other friend K and his brother R.

I remember we walked into Spencer’s. DA was still a virgin, but D and I were not. We laughed and childishly giggled about all the sex toys. D, DA, and K were all 18 at this point. I really wanted a sex toy. I had the money, but I was too scared to purchase it. Because of my immature comprehension of sex. I still laughed at words like “cock” and “pussy”. I still foolishly called other women “sluts” or “whores” because they were more confident in themselves – and their sexuality – than I was.

There I was, 17 years old, holding a cheap (I think it was only $20) white bullet vibrator. I wanted to try it out so bad. But I was so embarrassed. I mean, I was standing in a gag-gift store checking out sex toys. (Come on, Spencer’s isn’t the most comfortable place to buy your sex toys. Especially when younger kids come in to giggle at them. N straight up refuses to buy any from there because of the fact there are usually children in the store. But I digress…) DA took the vibrator from my hand and marched up to the checkout. He didn’t give me a chance to change my mind. He bought it for me.

We took it out of the container in the car and laughed about. I found out it took C batteries and they all freaked out like “holy shit that thing’s gotta be powerful!”. So we made sure to stop and get some C batteries and that night when D dropped me off, I could hardly contain my excitement.

I felt so weird at first. Almost like I was cheating on D. I had masturbated before but never with anything other than my fingers. I got into my bed and put the batteries in and turned it on. It buzzed in my hand and I used the knob on the bottom to turn it up higher. My hand tingled. And then I quickly found out I liked it more on my clit than inside me. I came twice.

I scoured the internet for a picture of that thing. I’ve done it several times, I just can’t find one. But it was 11 years ago. (My tweet said 12, I know.) It’s hard to find images from that time. So this image below will have to do. Mine didn’t have the curve on the top but was basically like this.

I used that thing so much that I ended up breaking it within 6 or so months. Oops.

And then in December 2008, I went to a sex shop for the very first time in my life and bought a kit full of stuff. The bullet in there was slightly more powerful than my first one. But it still was NOTHING compared to my current favorite.

I’d love to tell you that it was the only time in my life I had broken a vibrator, but that’s not true. And it’s not like I’m super rough or use them ALL THE TIME. The problem is, I’ve only ever bought cheap ones and well, you get what you pay for.

So this year I’m on the hunt for something new and incredible. I’ll be testing out a lot of sex-toys and writing reviews. So please make sure you’re following my blog so you don’t miss out on reviews with hot details.

DON’T BE SHY! Tell me! Do you remember your first toy?

Use #ADFirstToy on twitter! I can’t wait to read your responses!

Stay Sexy. Stay Positive.




5 thoughts on “My First Toy

  1. A weird pink like 5 inch vibrator 😂 I’ve had better now so it’s funny. At the time I loved that thing more then the bf I had at the time lol

  2. Roughly similar story with us. We started with the cheap stuff before we knew anything about body safe whatever and really, this was prior to the whole body safe movement hitting the market. We have quite a large collection now and we refuse to go low end again. Last time we got burned (literally)

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