The ABC’s of Writing Erotica

T is for Taboo

Everyone loves things that are forbidden or taboo. Erotica has a lot of taboo themes and you can easily find a niche you want to be in by choosing something that’s taboo – and it WILL sell. BUT, you also need to be careful. Somethings are “too taboo” for some self-publishing sites. Make sure to research your topic before jumping in completely.

U is for Underwear

Underwear is sexy. It’s that last layer of clothing before nakedness. Write about your character’s underwear. Describing what it looks like. Have your characters buy sexy underwear or put them on specifically for the act of sex. Did you know there are underwear fetishes? You can use this to your advantage and choose this niche.

V is for Vulgar

If you are too afraid to get vulgar with your writing then I’m sorry but the erotica genre is not for you. (But I’m sure you could write a mean romance book.) Sexy sex-scenes contain vulgar language. You want your readers to be turned on, that’s how you get repeat readers. You can’t write an entire scene about “his shaft sliding into her pink clam”. I’m sorry but that’s a major turn off for most people who read erotica. Be bold or choose a new genre to write if you want success.

W is for Wet-Dream

Wet-dreams=masturbation. A wet dream can take over a scene where you need to put some masturbation. Describe the scene completely and then have them wake up either, they had an orgasm or they were super close and need to finish it off. Maybe your character had a wet-dream about his professor and then he can’t stop thinking about it and that’s what leads him to make his move.

X is for Xenophile

Xenophile is an individual that is attracted to foreign peoples, manners, or cultures. Xenophiles are also often times people that are turned on my aliens, shapeshifters, and fantasy-type creatures. This can help you find a niche to aim for. Find one you enjoy writing about and then research the hell out of it. I’m sure you’ll find that it has a pretty large fan base. A fan base like that is more likely to stick with the same type of books, thus giving you a bigger chance for repeat customers.

Y is for Yearning

MAKE YOUR CHARACTERS YEARN FOR ONE ANOTHER. I’m serious. Sexual tension is a HUGE part of erotica. If your book has a lot of sexual tension, that’s how you’ll get your readers hooked. They won’t be able to put the book down because they will be dying to read the actual sex scenes. Sexual tension makes erotica much better, so make sure your characters are left yearning for one another before they finally have sex.

Z is for Zelophilia

Zelophilia is the sexual attraction to jealousy. Either in ones partner or oneself. You could write an entire erotica collection based off characters jealously and viola! You’ve found an interesting niche that’s most likely not saturated.

That’s it. Though keep an eye out and make sure you’re subscribed. If you liked this series, I’ve got something special coming. ❤

Read the rest of the series below.





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