What Am I Thinking About?

Do you know what I’m thinking about right now? Do you know what I think about when your hard dick is inside me? I’ll give you a hint, both answers are the same.

I used to worry about if I was wet enough, tight enough, sexy enough. I used to worry if I moaned “hot” or if I was trying too hard. I used to worry about whether or not you were enjoying yourself.

But as of late, I no longer do this. ❤

The Things I Think About

As we’re removing our clothes, kissing, touching, tasting each other; I think about your hard cock. I think about it entering me. I think about your cock pressing into me. I focus on what it’ll feel like to finally have you inside me again. The thought is so strong I can almost feel it. But since I can’t actually feel you, it leaves me yearning.

As you work your way inside me I’m focused on your movements, on how good it feels to have you fill me. Your cock, stretching me. I’m focused on the rhythm that’s starting and the areas your hitting.

When you’re finally thrusting in and out of me. My mind goes blank (other than a few expletives and moans. It’s pure pleasure). I focus on how fucking good it feels to have you moving in and out of me. Sometimes it’s almost overwhelming.

After the warm-up, and especially if I’m on top, I start touching myself. I’m into it. I’m into you. I’m into me. I feel so sexy at this point and I can’t keep my own hands off myself. On my tits, in my hair. It’s uncontrollable. You moan and it makes me feel powerful. I’m bringing you pleasure with my pussy. I think about how I’m riding your cock so good, or how good it feels inside of me.

There are also those times when you completely dominate me and the only things I can think of are “holy fucking shit this is so hot”, and “harder, so much harder”. I think about you tying me up and spanking me.

When you use your fingers to rub my clit when you’re fucking me or I’m riding you, I think about how hot it is that you can make my body tremble with just the slightest touch.

When I finally cum, whether it’s the first or second time, my mind is blank other than “OH MY FUCKING GOD”. I just focus on the pleasure that’s taking over me. I let it take control until I come down.

And when I do, all I can think about is when I can get you inside of me again.

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