Set The Mood Saturday – Candles

Candles are sexy as fuck. Seriously. I love taking a hot bath with bath bombs, (REMEMBER VAGINA OWNERS! Bath bombs and bubble bath soap can disrupt your natural pH balance and can cause infections. Your vagina is pretty amazing and cleans itself regularly. But if the pH is off even slightly, you’re in for a world of discomfort.), and candles. There’s something so much more relaxing about a bath in the dark with candles.

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Candles don’t have to just be for bubble baths though. They can be used to set a romantic feel. I know when there’s only candle light it turns me on. It makes me want to have sex. There’s just something so intoxicating and sexy about candlelight.

Picture this:

You come home after a long day. There isn’t a single light on in the house, but there are candles lit. It’s the only light you see, guiding you back to the bedroom where your partner is laying on the bed. The soft glow from the candlelight kisses their skin. They look vulnerable in such a sexy way.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” They ask, almost impatiently.

The air is tingling with sexual tension. You remove your clothes and join them on the bed where the real fun begins. And by the faint glow of candlelight, you make love. Moving slowly together. But needy and hard at the same time. You’re gripping onto one another hard and digging your nails into each other’s skin.

Slow. Hard. Intense. Raw. Sex.

The orgasm you’ve built up to is more intense than usual and you’re left feeling satiated. Breathing heavily while holding one another next to the warm candlelight, you drift peacefully off to sleep.

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Scented Candles A Must?

Scented candles are seriously the best. You can bring an extra aroma to the room. I used to use a vanilla scented one every time I slept with accidental anal guy. (I had to stop using it when we broke up because it made my stomach sick.) You do have to be careful of the scent you choose. Some can be far too powerful or have more of a burning smell than the actual scent. Either can lead to a headache and ruin sex.

If you use the same scented candle every time you have sex, you could condition yourself to be horny every time that candle is lit. So if you aren’t really feeling it but your partner is, light that sucker.

My favorite scents are vanilla, (I have to watch out for a specific kind now though), rose, rain or “clean” scents, some fruity scents & some perfume ones as well. It can’t be too overwhelming or I won’t enjoy it and might even lose interest in the scent all together.

I suggest going out and buying the scented candles together because what you might like, your partner might hate and vice-versa. You’ll need to find something you both like in order to enjoy the candle fully.

Romantic Candles GIF by Tennis - Find & Share on GIPHY

Or just choose the unscented candles and focus on your main goal: fucking by candlelight.

How Many Candles?

To make a sexy and romantic atmosphere, you need to not have too many candles. Too many can throw the lighting off. It’ll seem more medieval than it will romantic. You want to have just a few. A little bit of light makes it sexy. It takes the ambiance of the room to that perfect level. For a bigger space use three-five candles. For a smaller space use one-three and that will be the perfect amount of light.

The next time you have sex with your partner. Use candles and take note of how it changed the experience for you.

Stay Sexy. Stay Positive.



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