The ABC’s of Writing Erotica

P is for Pussy

Don’t use vagina or any other “creative” term you can think of. It just makes your writing sound childish. If you can’t say “pussy” you shouldn’t be writing Erotica. Of course, writing is subjective but “vagina” is sooo not sexy.

Here is an example “He shoved his penis in my vagina.”


How about we try: “He shoved his cock in my pussy.”

Now that’s hot. That’s sexy. That will turn your readers on. The former, not so much.

Q is for Queen

Don’t think fantasy novels can be erotic? Think again. You can create an entire sexy novel about a queen that is looking for someone to be her new king. But the king has to have two things; a good heart and a HUGE COCK. She tries them out to see which one is the best for her.

R is for Rich

Sure maybe this trope is a little “overdone” but it works. For whatever reason, people are drawn to hot, rich characters. Write about a rich guy or girl that just inherited a bunch of money from their grandparents and bought a giant mansion on the ocean and they meet their partner there and there’s lots of beach sex.

I think this trope is so popular because it plays right into people’s feelings of wanting to be cared for and with a rich protagonist, what they can do is endless. They can leave work and take a vacation to Paris and it’ll be believable where as a poor character, not so much.

S is for Sexual Tension

If you aren’t writing sexual tension into your erotica, you’re missing a big area to hook your readers. Sexual tension is what a good erotica thrives on. Your characters can’t have hot, passionate sex without some sexual tension. Write an entire scene where the main characters are soo close to getting it on and then they are walked in on. They have to separate and resume another day. When they are finally alone again, your readers should be able to FEEL the buzzing of sexual tension in the air.




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