Hello and welcome to Sexy Saturday’s! The schedule is as follows:

1st Saturday of every month – Roleplay Saturday

I give you a sexy fantasy to act out with your lover. Spice up your sex life by trying something new and exciting. Use what I come up with or create your own ideas using the prompt.

2nd Saturday of every month – Shopping Saturday

Get out of the house with your lover on the second Saturday of every month to go shopping. But it’s not your ordinary shopping trip. This is a special one that I send you on to buy something new and exciting for the bedroom.

3rd Saturday of every month – Set The Mood Saturday

Set the mood for a sexy evening with these tips/suggestions. Sometimes it’s for products. Sometimes it’s something to try out. Sometimes it’s something to do during the day to set the mood for that night. (Or right away. Whatever you want to do.)

4th Saturday of every month – Short Story Saturday

I may have spoiled you with the multiple stories for blogmas but from now on I will post real, 5k or more short stories on the fourth Saturday of every month.

5th Saturday (happens sometimes) – Special Surprise Saturday

These Saturday’s are rare so I’m going to make them extra special with a special surprise post.

And now onto our first roleplay.

Dr. & Nurse (or any variation of the two that suits your needs I will be using him and her but only for the purpose of writing the prompt. This can be changed to fit your needs.)

Prompt: It’s late and the doctor stayed back to help one last patient. He has the drive to help people and that turns the nurse on. It’s just the two of you alone in the office. The nurse has been dying to sleep with the sexy doctor. She hasn’t been able to get him alone until tonight. Dr complains about his neck hurting and the nurse helps him. She rubs his shoulders. His breathing visibly changes. He can smell her sweet scent. He’s wanted her just as bad. He asks her to look for a file in the lowest cabinet. Only because he wants to watch her bend over. He loves looking at her ass. She does as he asks. But she can’t find the file. She knows he’s looking and she positions herself so her ass is in the air. She’s giving him a full view. He says he isn’t sure where that file went. She stands, he’s behind her. They kiss. Passion taking over. They let their bodies be guided by how they feel. They want each other badly. He picks her up, she wraps her legs around his waist they are kissing. He places her on the desk. (i.e. bed or counter or where ever the fuck you want to fuck.) Her legs spread, he removes her bottoms and fingers her while still kissing her. Grabs at her tits and plays with her nipples. She arches her back into him. Grinds against his hand. He stops fingering her, pulls out his cock and she sucks it. Taking him all the way into her mouth to the back of her throat. She gags (or doesn’t if you don’t have a gag reflex like me.) She uses her hands on the base of his cock and sucks on the tip. She uses her tongue to trace the head. He pulls her head back and tells her how bad he wants to fuck her wet little pussy. She bends over and takes his cock from behind. Hard and fast. He grabs her hair pulls her head back and fucks her harder. She’s moaning about how good it feels. He stops to take a breath and lets go of her hair. Grabs her perfect ass and squeezes as he starts to move slowly. The he pulls out. Sits in his office chair (edge of bed, counter etc.) and she climbs on top facing away. She starts to bounce, the chair moving with them, up and down on top of him she goes faster for a minute before slowing down. She drags it out causing them to both suck in air and grip tightly to whatever they are holding on to. Then she gets off, turns around and slowly lowers herself back down on the dr. She is facing him and they start kissing as she moves up and down she’s grinding, he’s thrusting, they are both kissing. The ecstasy of the moment takes them both over and they let go. Their orgasms rush over them. Both moaning and soaking up the feeling. They come back down, get dressed and leave. Both heading home to their empty houses but with a new dirty secret to think about.

Stay sexy. Stay positive.



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