I consider myself insatiable, it’s true. The sex-blogger and erotica author just seems to not be able to be satiated. I’m sure it’s no surprise. And before you make a joke, N is doing his job. Really he is. It’s me. I just can’t seem to get sex off my mind. I have a very, very high libido.

It doesn’t matter if I have a mediocre orgasm, an average orgasm, or a HOLYFUCKINGSHITMOSTMINDBLOWINGORGASMEVER, I still want to have sex an hour after finishing.

Just last week, N told me “I can’t keep up with you.”

I told him he was going to be talking with buddies sometime about their wives and he’d say “Yeah, my wife wants to have sex all the time. It’s exhausting.”

He laughed of course. But I’m sure it’s true. He works a physical job and he works a lot of hours. Then his sex-crazed wife keeps him up late. No wonder why he’s tired.

I’ve got a box of broken vibrators. It’s like a graveyard of them. I don’t know if I keep buying shitty ones or they just get tired from overuse. (NOTE TO SELF: BUY A NEW VIBE.) But you know you have a problem when you have more than one broken vibrator.

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I’ve always been pretty insatiable. But to be honest, for years I preferred my vibrator. I had my first vibe at 17. I used the shit out of that one. I thought it was the best thing ever. My young, inexperienced self knew no better. (More on that later…)

Once I discovered vibrators. It was all over from there. I remember the first MONTH I had my vibrator, it’s all I thought about. I would have picked a vibrator over a dick any day. (Too many virgins, remember?) Then I met N and I learned what really good sex was. And honestly, masturbating isn’t even that good anymore. It’s an act of desperation for what I’m really craving.


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It’s all I can think about and I can’t help it. I’m insatiable.

How often do you think about sex? Are you insatiable?

Stay Sexy. Stay Positive.




One thought on “Insatiable

  1. I know how you feel. But, do yourself a favor and get the HItachi Magic Wand. There is no other vibrator that deserves the name. The rest are really just toys. This is a powerful machine that won’t break too easily. I use mine at least once or twice a day and have had it for years. Still in good shape (both of us!). It’s more expensive, but worth the price of ten vibrators, which it sounds like you’ve already spent.

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