The ABC’s of Writing Erotica

K is for Kinky

Do NOT be afraid to get a little kinky in your writing. That’s where all the fun is. People love a little kink and they will hold out for the kinkiest of stories. (Of course, I don’t mean all people. There are people who prefer vanilla, which is great also!) But don’t hold back if you’re feeling it, if your characters are feeling it, then get crazy with it.

L is for Lust

You need to create a lustful attraction between your characters. There has to be some degree. Whether it’s a one-night-stand or the person they’ve been married to for 50 years. Your characters need to be lusting for one another. Other wise your readers might get bored.

M is for Master

Now from opinion’s I’ve read on the internet, BDSM is not for the faint of heart. And the BDSM community hate it when people don’t take it seriously. This is a lifestyle and you should either be into BDSM or at least do research before writing about it. Some of my stories have light-BDSM themes, because honestly, some of it is a huge turn on for me. So if you’re into BDSM or have researched it enough to write about it, then write about a sexy master that just takes complete control and dominates the shit out of their submissive. This can get really hot so make sure to keep a fan nearby.

N is for Nighttime

Do your characters always have to have sex during the nighttime? I think it’s 100% up to you as the author and how you feel your story is going. Maybe they want some afternoon delight or maybe they are parents and the only time they can hook up is at night. Either way, nighttime sex scenes are not required, but they can be fun. Clubs, bars, under the stars. Let your imagination run wild.

O is for Orgasm

I’m going to get really brutal, real honest. If you’ve never had an orgasm before, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF COCK DO NOT WRITE EROTICA. Describing an orgasm can be challenging even when you’ve had a million like me so if you’ve never had one, the task becomes impossible. And if you try to describe what you’ve read on the internet or what you think one might feel like, it’s going to be a big mess and you should just focus on some other type of writing. OR. Better yet, get yourself a badass vibrator (or pussy pocket, I know some guys that have never had a real orgasm, it happens.) turn off your phone/TV/Computer -really any distractions- and shut your mind off. Just feel the feelings. Focus on relaxing and the amazing tingles, the toe-curling pleasure, the ecstasy of the moment and keep at it until you fucking cum. Then immediately go describe the feeling.

If you know how to have an orgasm and you’ve had a million before – or even just one – then write the shit out of the feeling. Build it up, make it burst, make your readers want one more than anything just by your descriptions.



One thought on “The ABC’s of Writing Erotica

  1. It certainly helps to have experience in this field before writing about it. Of course, everyone’s experiences are unique to them…but you can use your imagination and make things more…arousing. Arousal, to me, is the point of erotica.

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