I’m Glad I Wasn’t A Virgin When I Got Married

I lost my virginity when I was 14 years old. And for a long time I regretted it. I wished I had waited. – I still do, but for other reasons. Not so much because of marriage. – I would kick myself about losing it to someone who ended up not working out just five months later.

And then I had about six months of a lot of fun. I’m not into slut-shaming so I believe my six months was fun. It brought about experiences I’d never had before. And you know what, sure there are some things that happened I’m not proud of, but I still had a lot more fun than I had ever intended.

I learned A LOT.

And then I met N.

N and I seem to get each other in more ways than just one. Our sex life is amazing. We’ve both had a lot of experience and I think that’s what helps.

Why I’m Glad I Wasn’t A Virgin

To be frank, VIRGIN’S SUCK. They absolutely suck in bed. They have no idea what they are doing and it’s mediocre at best. I took a few virginities in my day, so I’d know.

Virgins have never experienced sex before so most likely they don’t even know what they like. (Losing my virginity post coming soon!)

N and I both had a lot of experience. We both learned a lot. Right from the get-go he was doing things I’d never experienced before. His oral skills are unbelievable. Until him, I’d lay there fake moaning – mostly to keep myself turned on – through oral. It was always uncomfortable for me. Out of all the guys that had given me oral, not a single one of them had made me even come close to cumming.

But with N, my toes tingle and curl right away.

And from the get-go he could fuck me in ways I never dreamed possible. Maybe it’s because he isn’t selfish and I’d only ever been with selfish lovers until that point. (I mean if you met a lot of the guys I dated and hooked up with, you’d get my point. Also, three virgins remember?)

But It’s Not Just N

By the time we even started dating I had began to learn things I liked and didn’t like. From foreplay and positions to the way I move my hips to get the best angle of his cock.

I knew what I liked when we met. Through fucking while dating, I learned what I liked with him.

I learned I can almost cum from nipple play. (I just need to learn to relax more.) I never knew that was possible before.

I learned I can have multiple orgasms. (See “selfish lovers” above.) The internet is filled with information on how to have multiple orgasms and stories of women having them, I figured I was one of the unlucky ones that were one and done. (I knew how to get an orgasm. I just didn’t know how to get a good one.)

You Always Save The Best For Last

I learned N and I are sexually compatible before we got married. We knew what we both liked and so our wedding night was normal, hot sex. There was no fumbling around or worrying about pain. It was pure enjoyment brought on by knowing what we liked.

I’m know exactly what I like in bed now. I wouldn’t have had years of experience to get me here if I had waited until marriage. I’ve had bad sex, mediocre sex and great sex and I think you’ve got to have those experiences in order to actually grow sexually.

Were you a Virgin when you got married?

Stay sexy. Stay positive.




5 thoughts on “I’m Glad I Wasn’t A Virgin When I Got Married

  1. The entire concept of saving oneself for marriage is very outdated, sexist and informed by religious hooey. I didn’t save myself and never had any intentions of doing so, but I did only lose it at 19. I was extremely introverted in high school and never dated. I masturbated tonnes though lol And in retrospect, I wish I were more sexual and promiscuous in my twenties…. I was the complete opposite, practically a nun… and I regret that. But now I post sexually charged nudie pics on my blog… so I guess I am being promiscuous in other ways… 🤣🤣🤣.

    1. I love this so much! I definitely spent years hiding my promiscuous side. Which I hated. And yes saving yourself is totally sexist and outdated. I love that part of your comment, haha. When I was younger I used to regret losing it as early as I lost it and to whom I lost it too, but I never regretted not waiting until marriage.

      1. Lol I wish I lost it in high school to this hot guy who was actually into me. He was nice too… snd fucking smoking. It would have been fun with him. But that’s what fantasies are for. No more regrets!

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