Super Sexy Christmas Story

Last Christmas.

I remember it all so clearly. We had met earlier in the year at a party. We’d hung out a few times  since then but we’d never acted on anything. We never talked about feelings. The sexual tension was there and I wanted to to so bad. I knew you did too. It wasn’t until Christmas though.

We ran into each other a week before Christmas and joked about how we were both bahumbuging it this year and sticking to ourselves in the city. It reminded me of that Christmas Wrapping song.  

When you knocked on my door on Christmas, I was surprised. I hadn’t been expecting that. You came in and gave me a speech I hadn’t been expecting.

“Listen, I know we haven’t really done anything other than go on a date here or there, if you could even call them that, but I like you, Sophie. I like you a lot actually. I know we’re both busy, but let’s just stop fighting this.” You kissed me then, without hesitation.

The kissing intensified. I felt butterflies. I felt weak in my knees. I felt wrapped up in the desire. Your lips were full and soft, your tongue strong as it worked its way around my own. I was completely mesmerized by you. I wanted more. I wanted you. But you stopped kissing me. You stopped and looked at me before handing me a gift. 

“But I didn’t get you anything.” I said, feeling slightly awkward.

“Don’t worry about it. Please. Just open it.” You said.

I carefully peeled the tape off so I could unfold one corner of the perfectly wrapped gift.

“The lady at the store wrapped it for me. I don’t have those kinds of skills.” You said. You looked so shy and bashful then.

I pulled out a box from Harry Winston’s.

“You shouldn’t have.”

“Just open it.”

I opened the box and revealed the most stunning cluster necklace.

“Wow. You really shouldn’t have.” I said, staring in awe. I’d never had anyone buy me expensive jewelry before.

You put it around my neck and I felt your body heat against me. I felt the hardness of your cock brush against my ass just a little and my whole body tingled. It had been a while since I had been with a man and I was desperate to remind my body of the sensations.

You pulled away, much to my disappointment. “I know a wonderful Chinese place that’s open for delivery today.” You said and we spent the next few minutes curating our order. 

“I’m sorry it took me so long to do this. I’ve been really busy with work and I know you’re busy with your own career. I’m very work driven.”

“As am I.” I said.

“I know. That’s why I’ve kept my distance. But after running into you last week and learning about the coincidence that we are both spending Christmas alone, I knew I couldn’t pass this up.” You sat down on my couch and I loved how comfortable you were here. You patted the seat next to you. “Come. Tell me about you. I want to know everything.”

I told you to hold on for a moment and went into my kitchen where I pulled out a bottle of wine. I wasn’t rich. But I had a nice bottle of wine from my parents.

I poured us both a glass of wine and we toasted to the new year and budding new relationships. There was a hint of playfulness in your eyes and I knew where this was headed. You set your glass down after only a couple sips.

“I can’t hold back anymore.” You said.

You grabbed me and pulled me onto your lap, hungrily. Your mouth claimed mine and a chill ran through me. I felt you grow hard between my legs and as you pushed up, I ground myself on you. Feeling the hardness of you pressing into me, wanting me.

I pulled back, climbed off you. You looked confused like you were going to ask me what I was doing, but you didn’t say anything when I held my hand out.

I led you to my room where I removed your pants, dropped onto my knees before you, grabbed your cock with both of my hands and put you in my mouth. I started to suck you, and you moaned. You placed both hands on the back of my head and started to fuck my face. You thrust in and out of my mouth. Your cock hit the back of my throat and I gagged. 

You pulled me up and said “I need you, now. I can’t take it anymore.” I quickly removed my pants and underwear and laid on the bed, holding my legs up and spread. You placed each of my ankles on each of your shoulders and shoved your way in. There was no hesitation, no playing. It was straight inside of me, hard and fast.

And I liked it.

Your cock was so thick. It filled me, and yet I still felt like it wasn’t enough. I wanted more. You were so deep inside of me it hurt. An enjoyable hurt. I moaned with each deep thrust.

You grabbed my ankles and placed them together on one shoulder. Making my pussy instantly tighter.

“Fuck you’re so tight.” You groaned and moved around inside of me. “Fuck.” You stopped moving. “I almost came.”

I laughed as you pulled out of me. I looked up at you and you positioned yourself between my legs, face first into my pussy you went where you began to move your tongue so expertly around my clit. You licked in circles, applying the perfect amount of pressure to the perfect spots of my clit. My toes curled, my legs tensed and I felt myself cum.

My body trembled and turned into mush as my orgasm rushed through me. It was so good that there were waves of pleasure pulsing through me and my body jerked with each one. I didn’t want it to end.

“Holy shit.” You said when I stopped shaking. Your mouth was glistening with my cum and it turned me on even more. “That was so fucking hot.” 

I smiled, pleased that I came from oral. “thanks. That’s never happened before.”

“You’ve never came from oral?” You asked.

I shook my head, “never.”

“We’re gonna have to do that again sometime.” You said and then you laid down on the bed and I climbed on top, guiding your cock inside of me. I slid down, slowly, and pulled back up so the tip of your cock was just barely inside me. I moved back down slightly before pulling back up. I was teasing you and you were loving every second of it. You grabbed my hips.

“I want you so bad.” You said and thrust yourself inside of me while at the same time you pulled me down on top of you. Our chests touched as you began to fuck my pussy. Your cock slid in and out with ease from how wet I was. You slowed down but each thrust was harder, deeper than the last and it was driving me wild.

The head of your cock brushed against my g-spot over and over and before I realized it, we were coming together. Your cock throbbing inside of me. My pussy throbbing around you. I felt your cum fill me up and moaned louder than I’d ever moaned before.

“Oooh. Oh my God. Oh God. Oh God. Oh God!”

After, we laid together, wrapped up in one another and talked about Christmases when we were children. We laughed and talked and enjoyed our time together.

Now this Christmas, I’m standing outside your door with a trench coat on. The only thing beneath it is a ribbon covering my naked body. I’ve wrapped myself in a bow for you, and the anticipation for how we might spend this Christmas is eating at me. I know it’ll be so much better than last year.

The door opens up and you’re in nothing but a Santa hat. I step inside, you close the door and I drop the trench coat.

“I guess great minds think alike.” You say, licking your lips.

I bite my own, step toward you and grab onto your cock, your mouth meets mine and we share the sexiest kiss. I can feel your cock hard and ready to get wet from my pussy. It’s brushing against me and it’s only turning me on even more.

“Merry Christmas.” I say to you.

“Merry Christmas.” You say before bending me over the back of your couch and fucking me to completion.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!

Stay Sexy. Stay Positive.



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