Sexy Christmas Poem

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through her home, came the sounds of being pleased by a man named Jerome.

She’d just met him and picked him up at the bar, She knew he was the one when he said he played guitar.

Year after year on the night of Christmas Eve, a one night stand is what she’d set out to achieve.

No she didn’t want any sort of attachment. Anything other and she knew what that meant.

Feelings and emotions would bleed into the new year. And she was afraid that might ruin her career.

Jerome grabbed her hips and inside of her, he thrust. She soaked up the pleasure, in her eyes was pure lust.

She moaned and her voice sounded so needy. She wanted to come to and hoped he wasn’t the type that was greedy.

For this was the night that she looked forward to all year. A night full of laughter, sex and beer.

His cock was so long, thick and hard. Much bigger, she noticed, than her ex, Gerard.

His cock filled and stretched her tight little pussy. This was going to end good as far as she could see.

Because she already felt herself getting close to her O, she decided not to hold on and to just let go.

“I’m coming!” She yelled as loud as can be. And he said “oh yeah, that’s right baby. Cum for me.”

She moaned and trembled as her orgasm was intense, but she wasn’t ready to talk about it in the past tense.

She wanted more and more and more, she wanted to be shook to her core.

Jerome, he pulled out and laid down on his back, “Please suck my dick and maybe play with my sack.”

She agreed to do it and opened her mouth wide. Then she took him in her mouth with pride.

She tasted herself on his large dick, she sucked and she sucked and she sucked and would lick.

“Holy fuck, you’re so good at that.” She pulled him out of her mouth and then spat.

He moaned and thrust as she swallowed his dick, she decided it was time to use her special trick.

She licked and sucked and used her hand now too. He pulled her head back and told her he almost blew.

She asked why he made her stop, he told her that now he wanted her on top.

She pulled back and quickly jumped up. Her pussy was still wet and wanting to erupt,

With a powerful bout of pleasure. She wanted an orgasm that time couldn’t measure.

She lowered herself down and felt him begin to enter. The pleasure began to build up in her center.

She leaned forward and gripped him for stability, she rode his cock to the best of her ability.

It wasn’t much longer before they came together. Both having the best orgasms that they’d had, ever!

They moaned and groaned as the pleasure took hold. He filled her pussy up with his load.

This was the best Christmas Eve ever. Her night with Jerome she’d remember forever.


Stay sexy. Stay positive.




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