Christmas Carols

Carol didn’t like her new job when her mom told her she had gotten an interview for her. Carol didn’t like her job when her boss told her that she’d have to work 10 hours overtime every week -unpaid. Carol didn’t like her job when she started and saw her best friend’s cousin, also named Carol, worked there. Carol really didn’t like her job when she had to share a cubical with Carol or when they were placed on the same project.

Carol hated every minute of having to work with Carol.

Evelyn, her best friend, and her had known each other since kindergarten and it was in kindergarten that she met Evelyn’s cousin Carol. She’d never met another Carol before and tried to be friendly with her but Carol had always been so conniving.

The project they were working on was coming to it’s deadline and due to their constant bickering, they had gotten hardly anything done for it.

“Late night at my place tonight?” Carol asked her.

She shrugged. She didn’t want to spend anymore time with her than she had to, but figured it would be the only way they could get things done.

“Fine.” She said.

That night, Carol arrived fifteen minutes early. And of course other Carol was mad about that and it was the straw that broke the camels back. Carol was done with bickering.

“Why do you have to be such a bitch all the damn time?” She asked, seething.

“Sorry, I don’t want to be working with you on a Friday night before Christmas.” Carol sneered.

“I don’t mean just right now. I mean all the damn time.” She hated drama and was ready to just leave.

Carol took a step toward her. “You’re the one that acts like a bitch.”

She took a step toward Carol. “You start it. You push my buttons. I’m not letting you treat me like shit anymore.”

Carol took another step toward her. They were inches apart and both were huffing. Both were pissed. But then suddenly Carol grabbed Carol (1)’s face. Their lips crashed together and all Carol (1) saw was fireworks. She’d never been kissed so passionately before.

They didn’t stop, they just moved toward the couch and began stripping each other down. Carol was a lesbian. She was out and proud and everyone knew it. But Carol (2) she thought was straight as she had, had several boyfriends and hookups with boys. She stopped her and questioned it.

“I’m bi. I’ve just only ever had my eyes set on one woman.” She said.

Carol (1)’s pussy tingled. She was turned on. But still pissed that Carol had been treating her like shit all of these years. But she didn’t have time to say anything as Carol went back to kissing her. Their tongues moving in a rhythmic motion in her mouth. Their hands running over their bodies. Carol grabbed her perfect D cup tits and ran her finger over her already-hard nipples.

Carol (2) lifted her (Carol 1) shirt up, revealing her white bra, she unhooked it from behind with one hand, grabbed each of her tits and sucked on her nipples. Carol (1) moaned and arched her back toward her.

Then they sat down on the couch. Both girls removed their clothes so they were completely naked. Carol (2) went back to kissing her mouth. Their tits were pressed together the skin-to-skin contact overwhelming Carol’s (1) senses.

Her (Carol 2) hand went down her body toward her pussy where she began to rub her clit. Carol (1) arched her back in response. It felt so fucking good, the way her fingers expertly rubbed the perfect spots of her clit that sent chills through her entire body. She slid her hand down farther and stuck a finger inside of her. She moved it, wiggling against her g-spot. Carol was close to coming. She thought of eating Carol’s pussy and suddenly her body was trembling.

Her body was very responsive to touch, to pleasure and it never took much to make her come, but this was faster than she’d ever came before and she knew it had to do with Carol’s expert hands.

“Lay down.” She said, breathless.

They switched positions and Carol began to kiss Carol (2)’s body. Starting with each of her glorious B cup tits. Smaller but perky and perfect. Carol loved them. She sucked each nipple, slightly biting them and it made her moan. Then she used her tongue to trail down her body, around her navel, and toward her pussy, where she lightly bit each of her thighs, causing her to wiggle.

She wanted to come.

Carol (1) put her mouth against other Carol’s sweet, wet pussy and began to lick. She moved her tongue up and down the length of her clit and paused to flick it across the top before she sucked on it. She did this over and over again and Carol ground her pussy against her face. She used a finger to slide in and out of Carol’s tight pussy while she continued to eat her. She tasted amazing a slightly sweet taste. She ate her harder, fingered her even harder.

“I’m gonna come.” Carol moaned.

She worked harder, knowing this was it. This was where she’d tip over and come. Carol was a quivering mess in her hands as an orgasm ripped through her.

“More.” She moaned when she was done.

This was music to Carol’s ears. But Carol realized she was listening to real music. They went to the window and looked out, in the middle of the street outside of the neighbor’s house was a trailer, pulled by a big truck, full of people singing Christmas Carols.

The women looked at one another and took it as a sign. This time they moved into the bedroom where they spent the rest of the night trying to out do one another on giving orgasms.

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