The ABC’s of Writing Erotica

F is for Fetish

I’m sure everyone anticipated I’d say “fuck”. Maybe next time around, eh? If you have a fetish, there’s a chance other people do too. Write about your fetish. Fetishes can amass a good following of like-minded individuals. But make sure to read over the rules of self-publishing sites – like Smashwords – to make sure that your fetish is acceptable.

G is for G-spot

I know there’s a lot of speculation as to whether the G-spot exists or not. Some people believe there is and some don’t. I’m a believer in the g-spot because there’s a spot I can it that JUST. FEELS. SO. GOOD. I’ve even came from it before. The orgasms are 100% more intense than normal clitoral orgasms. These are mind-blowing, earth-shattering orgasms. So if you believe in the g-spot, seriously write it in! Write about that spot that’s hit just perfectly and sends you into a spiral of pleasure.

H is for Horny

This one is super obvious, I know. But come on. I had to write this one in if I was skipping “fuck”. Write about how horny your characters are. 

I is for I

I don’t mind third person. Sometimes I even write in third-person. Sometimes, I might even prefer it. But first person comes in handy because the reader can really put themselves in the mind of the person.

J is for Jerking-Off

Don’t shy away from masturbation scenes. They can be hot. Especially when you describe everything the person is thinking. It can be more focused on what’s going on inside the characters head then outside. And sometimes you’ve got a section of your book/short story that just wouldn’t make sense for the characters to be fucking. Like maybe they are fighting or broken up or something. But they run into one another, or the guy has a dream about her and wakes up horny (see above) and they just need to relieve themselves of some stress. 



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