The Office Christmas Party

I got to the office Christmas party thirty minutes late but didn’t care. I was always late to work, I think it was expected of me at this time. But being the daughter of the CEO, it didn’t matter. People often called me a “spoiled brat” but I didn’t think I was. I knew what I wanted and always went after it. I knew what I deserved in life and I didn’t hold back. If that made me a “spoiled brat” so-be-it.

“You missed the white elephant.” My dad said.

“I know. I just got a gift card for everyone.” I said and held up the stocking I brought with me that was filled with 100- 25.00 gift cards. I had a large trust fund. I didn’t need the job working for my dad, I enjoyed it.

“That was kind of you.” He said.

“Well, I knew I’d be late.” I shrugged and set the stocking down on the table next to the cookies for the cookie exchange. 

“Hey Chloe.” My dad’s right hand man, Tyler said.

“Hey Tyler. Merry Christmas.” I said. 

“Merry Christmas.” He said.

I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I’d had a thing for him since my dad hired him about a year ago. But he’d been in a relationship at that point so I left it alone. But about three months ago, his fiance left him for some wall street billionaire. Since then we’d been heavily flirting.

“I’m going to let everyone know about the gift cards.” My dad said and left the room, leaving Tyler and I alone. 

Tyler looked at me and I felt the air change between us. The sexual tension was buzzing. It was undeniable. He took a step toward me. “Do you know what I want for Christmas?” I watched him set his drink down on the table and swallowed hard.

“No?” I said as he took another step toward me, his green-blue eyes were mischievous.

“You.” He said, taking one more step, closing the gap between us. “I want you.” He grabbed my face and kissed me. I kissed him back, feeling the desire building deep inside of me. His body pressed into me. His cologne was musky, yet clean and it enveloped me. 

We heard people coming and Tyler grabbed my hand and led me into his office, quickly.

“No interruptions.” He said and locked the door behind him. “I want you and I know you’ve been thinking about it too.”

I bit down on my lip. He had that right. I’d wanted him for far longer than he wanted me. He put his hands on my hips and pulled me into him, his mouth crashing into mine, his tongue pushing it’s way into my mouth. It was so fucking hot. I loved that he was taking control.

Our kiss deepened and I wrapped my arms around him. His mouth moved to my throat, trailing kisses down the side of it. Chills rocketed through my body and it ached for him. I wanted him, needed him inside of me. 

His hands slid behind me and found the zipper to my dress. He tugged lightly on it and unzipped it, I stepped back, stared him in the eyes and removed my dress. I stood before him in a lacy red bra and thong. He sucked air in through his teeth and my eyes trailed down to his pants where I watched his eagerness grow. 

I stepped back toward him, grabbed his face and kissed him more. He lifted me up, hands under my ass, and set me on the edge of his desk. My legs stayed wrapped around him and I could feel his cock pressing into my clit. I was wet and only growing wetter. 

His hand slid down between my legs where he started to rub my clit through my panties. I grabbed his cock through his pants. It was huge. Thick and long and it only made me more excited. A moan escaped me and my body shook in anticipation.

His finger slid inside of me and I moaned again. He started fingering me. He slid another finger inside and moved both in a come-hither motion against my g-spot. 

“Oh, fuck.” I said and felt myself edging. It’d been so long since I’d been touched by a man. By choice. But still far too long that I was coming within seconds. 

“Holy shit. That was fast.” He said. 

I smiled at him and bit down on my lip as I came back down from my orgasm. He pulled my panties off as my body readjusted. Then I unhooked my bra. He pulled his pants down, his cock springing out. He was rock hard. I used my hand, gripping hard – but not too hard – and ran it up and down along his smooth cock. The tip dripped precum.

We didn’t need to speak, just went with the flow. We did what was natural. I spread my legs and leaned back until I was laying on his desk. He held my right leg up against his shoulder and used his other hand to guide his cock inside of me. 

He pressed and slid in so easily because of how wet I was.

“Mmm.” I moaned. 

He gasped as he slid himself all the way in, filling me completely. I already felt myself on the edge of another orgasm. 

“Mmm Tyler.” I moaned as he started thrusting himself in and out of me.

He used his free hand to grab at my tits. Tyler moved faster. His cock was the only thing I could focus on. The sensations taking over my body were too much. 

“You’re so tight.” He breathed and picked up the pace. He was fucking me harder and faster. He moved his hand from my tit to my clit where he rubbed it and my body jerked in response.

He fucked me harder, faster yet. I wanted to cry it felt so fucking good. 

“I’m gonna cum!” I yelled out, aware there were people that could be walking by, but not giving a shit.

He fucked me harder, rubbed my clit faster. “Come for me.” He said.

My breathing quickened and my skin filled with goosebumps as the pressure built up. The warm feeling took over and suddenly I was floating. Waves of pleasure ebbed and flowed and my body shook. Tyler stilled and his cock began to throb, filling me with warm cum.

As we came down from our orgasms, Tyler pulled out of me and I winced. We cleaned up and got dressed.

“You know, I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.” He said.

“Me too.” I said.

“Same time next week?” He asked.

I smiled and as I felt the ache in my pussy from being fucked hard, I knew I’d hold him to that. 

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