Naughty Gift Ideas For Him

Christmas is right around the corner. I can’t believe it’s so soon already! So I’ve hunted down ten super naughty gift ideas you can get him for Christmas this year. 

1. This Ego Boosting Shirt

Too big to fail t-shirt – 16.90  by

This shirt is perfect for any man that loves a little (or big) ego boost. 

2. Best Cock Ever Apron

This apron from Zazzle goes right along with the shirt above. Best Cock Cook Ever. (Couldn’t get the picture, sorry.) I think it’d be perfect for N when he’s grilling. 

3. These Boxers of Course

Elephant Underwear 49.99 from Amazon

Because they are hilarious and you know he’ll love having a hard-on in these.

4. Sex Bell

Ozze Creations Ring for Sex Bell $6.95 Amazon

This is, of course, for the adventurous/humorous couple that enjoys this type of thing. 

5. A Fleshlight

There’s plenty over on Adam & Eve’s websiteIt’s a lot more fun when you both get to play with toys.

6. Get Him Harder With These COCK Rings

12 Pcs Strongly extending telescopic ring 
by HOTFIRE $14.99 from Amazon

Cock rings are seriously amazing. Not only does he get HARDER, but he can also last longer. 

7. This HEAD & TAIL coin

Good Luck Pin Up Babe Heads and Tails Flipping Challenge Coin by Thompson Emporium $7.99 from Amazon 

This is a fun, sexy little gift that could turn out to be a lot of fun for the both of you. 

8. Lingerie

EVELUST Women’s Open Back Halter Plunging Teddy, Comfortable Scalloped Trim Lace Lingerie multiple prices from Amazon

Sure lingerie is for you, but you know he likes it when you put it on. Throw this on and cook him dinner. You’ll thank me later.

9. A Blowjob

Come on, this one’s free! And you know he loves them. Plus, you’ll get some fun out of it too. (At least I do when it comes to N & I.)

10. Clone Your Pussy

Clone-A-Pussy Silicone Casting Kit Hot Pink $34.95 from Amazon

Clone your own pussy so when your man is away from you, he can really fantasize about your pussy. 

Are you going to get anything from this list for your man? I’m seriously debating about the apron and number 10. 

Stay sexy. Stay positive.




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