Thursday Thoughts

Today is Thursday. One whole day past hump day. Which you’d assume as my job is to write about sex that it would be my favorite day. But the thing is, it’s not. My favorite day is Saturday.

Why Saturday?

Because Saturday is SEXY Saturday.

Sure, some people might think that’s boring. “But Ashley, isn’t that a bit predictable?” Or “But Ashley, doesn’t that mean you don’t have sex any other day of the week?” It’s so much better than you think.

Sure we are married and maybe our sex life isn’t as spontaneous as it used to be, but we still keep the spark alive. We still make time for sex and we both know that while it’s not the most important part of our life together, it’s pretty high up there.

Like number two.

Having a marked day where we know we are going to fuck is actually really convenient and there is a lot more spontaneity than one might expect. N and I started the Saturday thing about 18 months ago.

He works over 60 hours a week and it’s hard labor. He’s tired. I get it. I’m a sahm mom. We have three kids. Life is tiring.

Saturday’s became date days where N and I would go out and it was almost like a guarantee we were going to fuck because we’d spend the whole time flirting like high schoolers. Then it moved on to my mom taking H on Saturday nights on the weekends we didn’t have B and both of them when we did.

That meant we were ALL ALONE at night after our date. It was the one night of the week we didn’t have the kids and we could get as loud and crazy as we wanted to.

Even after I got pregnant and since having T, we’ve kept our Saturday fucking alive.

Somewhere along the line my vagina began to know when it was Saturday and I’d wake up and be horny in anticipation ALL. DAY. LONG. Which only makes the sex more intense, let me tell you.

The spontaneity factor is still there because while we know we are getting laid on Saturday, we don’t know when exactly. And it’s never the same. We do different positions, more foreplay sometimes, and there’s times N surprises me by bringing out a toy or two.

Just because we have Saturday reserved for sex doesn’t mean that we don’t have sex any other day of the week. We just had sex on Tuesday actually and it was amazing and hot and it really gave me some inspiration for new scenes in the novel I’m writing.

So today is Thursday, I have two more days to wait until sexy Saturday and I can already feel the sexy anticipation building up. 😘

Do you and your partner have a day of the week you prefer to fuck on?

Stay sexy. Stay positive.




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