When Santa’s Away, The Elves Will Play

Santa said goodbye to each of the elves before climbing into his sleigh. “I’ll be back before you know it. Behave yourselves while I’m gone. Mrs. Claus is asleep.” Santa said as he climbed into his sleigh. “Thank you for all your help this year. I couldn’t have done it without you.”

The elves watched as the sleigh pulled out of the workshop and flew up inro the sky in a matter of seconds.

“Ho, ho, ho!” Santa called out before disappearing in the dark December night sky.

“Is he gone?” One elf, Mitzy, asked.

The head elf, Leroy looked out to double check and then closed the door behind him. “He’s gone. Let the festivities begin.” He said.

Excited chatter ran throughout the elves in the shop. Leroy hit a secret button, long ago hidden away from the view of Santa. The lights dimmed. Another elf, Rodger, pulled out a bag full of the special toys they had been secretly making all year. The bag was filled with vibrators, dildos, anal beads, butt plugs, whips, masks, handcuffs, fleshlights, lube, etc.

“This year is going to be so much better than last year’s celebration.” Leroy said, giving a speech before the commencement of the annual Elf party. “Let the fun begin.”

The elves happily chattered away. Excitement filled the air and they broke off into groups of 2, 3, & 4.

“Leroy?” Mitzy asked.

“Hey Mitzy.” Leroy’s heart fluttered as he stood before Mitzy. They had spent the evening together last Christmas Eve and he was hoping to get to be with her again.

“You and me? Like last year?” She asked.

“Hell yeah.” He said. He wrapped his arm around Mitzy’s lower back and pulled her into him. “I’ve been waiting all year for this baby.”

Mitzy blushed and gigged. “Me too.”

Leroy noticed an elf sitting alone by himself. His name was Finrod and just two months prior, his wife of 432 years, Taena, had died in a toy accident.

“Finrod is all alone.” Leroy said and started walking over to him, Mitzy in tow. “Hello, Finrod. Do you want to join us?”

Finrod nodded his head. Neither Mitzy nor Leroy had been expecting his reaction. They thought he would have put up a fight because he missed his wife. But it was elf tradition to participate in the annual elf party.

Mitzy looked at Leroy and shrugged. She got down on her knees in front of Finrod. She was eager to begin. Finrod unzipped his pants and his hard elf cock sprung to life. He was the biggest of all the elves. Mitzy has heard the rumors. She’d been with a lot of the male elves, as most females did, and the only other person that came close was Leroy. Mitzy had a type and her type was big. She liked long, thick, cocks. Her first time with Leroy was last year, he had been the biggest she’s ever been with. Neither had been married before. Leroy became head elf, only 100 years ago.

Finrod’s head rolled back as Mitzy took him into her mouth. First just the tip – where she sucked on it and traced the head with the tip of her tongue. It tickled but Finrod liked it. He placed his hands on the back of Mitzy’s head and pushed down so she’d take his cock all the way into her mouth. Finrod moaned in response. Mitzy gagged as his cock hit the back of her throat, but she continued on. She loved giving head and their yearly celebration finally gave her the opportunity to use the skills she practiced on candy canes all year long. She wore no underwear under her green felt skirt, giving Leroy the perfect view of her ass and pussy. She continued to suck on Finrod and felt Leroy’s hand on her ass. He rubbed gently and then began to squeeze slightly. Followed by a couple slaps. Not hard, since she had Finrod’s dick in her mouth. He was careful not to make her bite down. His fingers found their way down to where her pussy lips could be seen from behind and he began to rub. She moaned and Finrod groaned.

Mitzy used her hand to twist it around Finrod’s shaft as she moved her head up and down the rest of it. She sucked and let him thrust in and out of her mouth all the while Leroy was fingering her. He had slipped two fingers inside of her and was slowly sliding them in and out. She felt herself growing more wet and she wiggled her hips. She wanted to feel his cock not his fingers.

Leroy seemed to have caught onto what she was thinking and pulled his own cock out. Only now he was standing next to her and slowly running his hands up and down himself. She took Finrod’s cock out of her mouth and moved to work on Leroy. She took him into her mouth while Finrod leaned down and played with her ass, sliding his finger down to her pussy hole where he began to finger her.

“Mmm.” She moaned with Leroy’s cock in her mouth. Leroy pulled back and his cock popped out of her mouth and she moved with him out of the way so Finrod could stand up. Then she took Leroy back into her mouth again as Leroy positioned himself behind her.

She felt his cock pressing into her pussy. Finrod pushed harder and his cock slid slightly into her pussy. It was slow going because of how big he was. It hurt a little as he stretched her open. He pulled back and thrust slowly. He moved slow until his cock was fully inside of her.

She pulled Leroy’s cock out of her mouth and moaned and then slid her mouth back around his cock. She was getting fucked from behind by Finrod while Leroy started to thrust in and out of her mouth. She stood still while both guys fucked her holes. It felt so good. She was on the edge of an orgasm when Finrod began to fuck her harder – sending her over the edge.

She saw fireworks burst as the tingling sensation filled every inch of her body. She twitched and moaned, Leroy having already pulled out of her mouth. Finrod slowed down as her orgasm ended and she moaned again as an aftershock washed over her.

She looked around at all the other elves, fucking hard, moaning, cumming. This was by far Mitzy’s favorite night of the year.

“My turn.” Leroy said. He switched places with Finrod. Her mouth was growing tired, but she ignored it because she liked watching the pleasure wash over their faces. Leroy started to fuck her hard. Their bodies slapping together with each of his thrusts. Mitzy used mostly just her hands on Finrod because she didn’t want her teeth to graze him. When Leroy slowed down some, she stuck him back inside of her mouth and sucked harder and faster than she had before.

“Oh fuck.” Finrod moaned. “I’m gonna come.”

Mitzy sucked harder and used her hand at the same time like she had before. He began to thrust in and out of her mouth, hard. His breathing became erratic until he finally stopped moving and she felt the warm liquid fill her mouth. She pulled back when he had finished and swallowed.

“That’s so hot.” He said and sat back on the couch as Leroy pulled out of her.

“Get on top.” Leroy said.

Mitzy wasted no time and climbed on top of Leroy. She straddled him, lowering herself slowly down on his cock. He completely filled her and she moaned as she began to rock her hips back and forth. She wanted to come a second time and felt the need growing more. She knew she was going to come quickly and leaned forward, using Leroy’s chest to prop her up she moved her hips faster. She was there, once again, on the edge. The sparks ready to burst inside of her.

“Come for me Mitzy.” Leroy moaned. “I want your pussy to come.”

She rocked slightly harder and that was the last push she needed. She dropped onto Leroy as her orgasm ripped through her. Her body trembled against him. He held her as he started to fuck her, thrusting his cock in and out of her. Just a few more and he was filling her with his cum. He groaned into her shoulder, breathless and trembling.

“Thank you.” She said when they both came down from their orgasms. They pulled apart and Finrod was watching, his cock rock hard again.

“Ready for round two?” He asked her.

Mitzy nodded her head.

For the rest of the night, the elves continued their horny little celebration and when Santa made his return, he was no wiser to their annual celebration. He complimented them on the fantastic year and told them he’d see them first thing the following morning. The elves went to their rooms, where they slept peacefully. It was the most relaxing sleep they had all year.

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