The ABC’s of Writing Erotica

Welcome to The ABC’s of Writing Erotica where I give you five letters (starting with A and ending at Z) each one focuses on something to do with Erotica to help you step up your a-game! It can be descriptions, images, plot points, etc. Today I have for you A-E. Enjoy. XX.

A is for Aphrodisiac 

Out of ideas for a scene that needs to lead up to sex? Why not have your main characters eating oysters? Something sparks (like the aphrodisiac-aspect coming through) and they suddenly can’t keep their hands off one another.

B is for Bad-Ass Biker

This trope is always a good one if you’re stuck and can’t think of what your next book/short story should be. The bad-ass biker that’s troubled/causes trouble/has trouble looming, yet yearns for a woman’s touch. (Think Charlie Hunnam from Sons Of Anarchy.)

C is for Cock

Be bold with your writing. Please don’t use “penis” or “shaft” when you describe it. It’s not sexy. AT ALL. Dick or cock are the best descriptors. Bold is sexy. “Penis” sounds like a sex-ed class and “shaft” gives it a cold-disconnect type feeling. I think of a tool or weapon when I read this word, not something sexy. And DEAR LORD, DO NOT USE “MEMBER”. Just don’t. This is not adult sexy-fiction. This sounds like a club you have to get into. Member, penis, and shaft are major turn-offs.

D is for Doggy-Style

Always a great position to go to for a sex-scene both spanking and clit-rubbing can be added into a scene like this.

E is for Erection

While “penis” and “shaft” aren’t good descriptors, “erection” isn’t so bad as long as you’re talking about it being pressed against you or seeing it. But be careful of over-using it. It’s also bland to say “I slid onto his erection.” Or worse yet, “I slid onto his erect penis.” 

I hope you learned something to spice up your writing! ❤ Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for a very naughty Christmas story!

Stay sexy. Stay positive.



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