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Expletives during sex. Why do we say them? What ones are your favorite?

Just Yell It!

Picture this; 

You’re in the moment, your mind and body are wrapped up in all the pleasurable feelings and it feels so good, you need to find some sort of release. So you yell out “Oh my God!” And it feels just as good to yell as it does to be fucked. So you yell out some more. “Oh, God. Oh my God. Oh my GOD!!” The passion so overwhelms you that you have no option but to scream out the way you feel.


I don’t know about you, but my favorite thing to say during sex is “fuck” or “oh fuck”. I can’t help it. It just comes out as if I have no control over it. As it turns out, there’s a biological reasoning behind this. It just feels so good to scream it out! 

Last January an article was published on Flare.com explaining this exact phenomenon. According to the PhD candidate they interviewed sex and swearing come from the same area’s in the brain. 

“Research shows that swearing might involve brain structures that are not the same as regular language,” says Almeida. “Swearing is probably in a deeper part our brain known as the limbic system.”

Daniel Almeida, a PhD candidate specializing in neuroscience and psychiatry at McGill University (Why the F-ck Do We Swear During Sex? by Laura Hensley & Lindsay Pinter Flare.com)
I think it’s pretty fucking cool to learn this and it proves that swearing during sex goes hand in hand. 

Ooo, Oh yeah

Even when I’m writing my erotica, this is the first thing that comes to mind when I’m thinking of how to have them respond to the sensations they are feeling. Because this is exactly how I feel in the moment. Given “ooo” and “oh” don’t require a lot of effort I think these come out a lot more natural and effortlessly.

Honestly, my favorite is “Ooo fuck” and “Oh, God.” Do you have a favorite expletive you like to yell out during sex? If yours is different from what I’ve mentioned, please share it. 😉

Stay sexy. Stay positive.



P.S. Will someone please make me an “oh fuck” gif? Of the orgasm variety. I couldn’t find any. Thanks. XX.

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