Santa’s Special Naughty List

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Christmas Eve was a hard one for Andrea this year. Instead of proposing, her boyfriend of ten years left her. No explanation other than “I don’t love you anymore.” It had hit Andrea like a ton of bricks. What was she going to do? He had been all she knew for so long. 

Andrea poured herself another glass of wine. “Bahumbug.” She said as she took a large gulp of the dark red liquid. It was a good wine, she could taste the spicy oak flavor. She had bought it to celebrate Dan’s promotion. Then he dumped her the next day and that was that. He never even knew about the wine. Which was perfect, because that made it all hers.

Her house wasn’t decorated and she had no plans to see family this year. She was going to stay home and bask in her misery. The only plan she had was to stay tucked away. She didn’t want to deal with the plethora of questions she knew would be coming from friends and family. 

Andrea sat down on her couch and stared at the dark T.V. She wondered if she should turn it on to take her mind off Dan. But as she reached for the remote she remembered all the feel-good Christmas movies that would be on. The ones about love and happy endings. The kind she really didn’t want to watch this year. Nothing would make her feel better and as this thought overwhelmed her, she succumbed to her tears.

She didn’t allow herself to hold back. Andrea wasn’t worried about ugly crying or smearing her make-up. No one was there to see her. She held her hands, which were balled into fists, up to her face and sobbed hard. Tears and saliva mixing as the emotion poured out from within her.

A couple minutes into her cry-fest, her doorbell rang.

What the hell? Who could that be? She thought.

She was hesitant at first but there was another ring of her doorbell and she started wondering if something bad had happened to a family member. This got her off the couch and moving to the front door. Right before she opened it, her thoughts changed, and she wondered if it was Dan, coming to pay her a visit and beg her to take him back. She wouldn’t of course. Not after what he did to her right before Christmas. At least not for a while.

Her hand lingered on the doorknob just a moment longer, she took a deep breath, twisted the knob and yanked it open like ripping off an old bandaid.

Standing before her was neither a police officer nor Dan. It was an old man dressed in a Santa Claus outfit. “Ho, Ho, Ho. Merry Christmas.” He said.

“I think you have the wrong house.” She said and peeked behind him half expecting to see carolers. 

“No I don’t, Andrea Wells.” He said

Andrea gave him a confused look as she didn’t know how he knew her full name. She’d never seen this man before and surely she didn’t drunk-order a Santagram.

“Who sent you?” She asked.

“I came on my own accord. I need to talk about your Naughty status.” He said.

Now, she was slightly freaked out. What was this strange man talking about? And wasn’t it illegal to not tell her who sent him? What if a stalker, which she had none of, had sent it? Wouldn’t he be obligated to tell her for safety reasons? 

Or maybe this creep had followed her from the mall. She had been there a couple days ago. What if he followed her home to see where she lived but then had waited an extra couple days to not seem suspicious.

“Okay, well I don’t know who you are or who sent you, but I need to get to bed.” Andrea began to close the door when a black boot stopped her.

“Andrea, I am the real Santa. Don’t you believe anymore?” His rosy cheeks needed brightly.

Andrea laughed. “What am I, five?” 

“Tsk. Tsk.” The man shook his head. “You really shouldn’t talk to Santa like that.”

“Listen, creep.” Andrea started to say, “I can have the police here in just a few minutes. Is that what you want? Do you want to spend Christmas in jail?” 

Right before her eyes, the man disappeared. Andrea looked around. She didn’t see a single person. Just the emptiness of Christmas Eve night. 

“No more wine for me.” She said. She closed the door, turned around and jumped. The old man was standing before her. She glanced at her back door which was still locked.

“Ho, ho, ho. You’ve been Santa’s naughty little ho. Now I have to teach you just how to behave.”

Suddenly, Santa’s clothes were on the floor and Andrea was completely shocked to see that despite his face staying the same with a thick white beard, his body was actually hot. His jacket was so large, that it hid his athletic physique. His muscular body was such a shock and her hungry eyes fell down, involuntarily, to a mistletoe covering his cock.

Andrea walked over to her empty wine glass and picked it up. She looked inside and then brought it to her nose to sniff. She needed to be sure she hadn’t accidentally broken into the illegal Absinthe Dan had smuggled from Prague a couple years ago. Though, Andrea had her suspicions that it wasn’t the “green fairy” kind and Dan had been ripped off. He could be gullible like that. Her glass smelled of the red wine she’d been drinking. 

“This is real Andrea, and we need to talk about how much of a naughty girl you’ve been this year.”

She glanced at the mistletoe one more time and blushed. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She walked into her kitchen to pour herself another drink. She needed to wrap her head around what was happening.

“Whitney needed your help decorating her daughter’s nursery.” He said.

She froze in place, the bottle of wine was tipped slightly. 

How could he possibly know that? She thought. Dan didn’t even know about that. She had blown Whitney off to go buy herself a new vibrator since Dan had stopped having sex with her. But it wasn’t just that, babies freaked her the fuck out. She hadn’t even visited Whitney since she had her baby. 

“H-how do you know that?” She fumbled over her words and began to pour the wine.

“Because I see you when you’re sleeping and I know when you’re awake.” He said.

A chill ran down her spine. But not one of fear. Rather it was a chill that went right to her pussy, making it wet and causing her to bite her lip. Something about him saying he was watching her was a serious turn on.

“Lindsey really needed that ride to work.” He said and took a step toward her.

Andrea looked at Santa and her jaw dropped. Her best friend Lindsay’s car broke down one morning and Andrea had ignored her calls, asking for a ride to work in favor of waiting until Dan left so she could get better acquainted with their new shower head.

She drank the rest of the wine in her glass. “Those are specific times.” 

“I watch when you masturbate and I keep track of how many times you do it in favor of blowing people you care about off and then I add your name to a very special naughty list.” Santa took a few more steps toward her, closing the gap between them enough that if she stepped forward they’d be touching. 

“Oh yeah? What kind of list?” She challenged him. His muscular arms were covered in Christmas themed tattoos and it was hot.

The mistletoe fell from Santa’s cock and slipped onto the floor. His cock was larger than she had been envisioning due to it being 100% concealed by the mistletoe. She realized that it had to be Santa. Because there had been so many magical things happening. 

Andrea dropped onto her knees. 

“That’s right, suck Santa’s cock.” He said and put his hands on her head.

Andrea opened her mouth and grabbed his cock with her left hand. She began to move it up and down the shaft. It was perfect in every way. Then she opened her mouth wide and took him in. But was shocked by the taste and pulled back.

“But how is that possible?” She asked, referring to the peppermint taste in her mouth.

“I’m Santa, baby.” He said and suddenly his cock grew by two more inches in length and girth. The tip curved slightly, like a candy cane, and she held her breath as she pictured using it to her advantage.

“Oh, Santa.” She said and took him back into her mouth. His cock re-straightened out so she could suck him at a better angle. She took him all the way to the back of her throat, gagging in response. Santa’s hands went to the back of her head and he thrust in and out of her mouth. She let him fuck her mouth as hard as he wanted to.

“I’m gonna cum.” He moaned and her mouth filled with his cum but it tasted like hot cocoa.

She pulled back and wanted to ask what the hell that was about, but Santa grew hard in her hand again. He was already, ready for more. Andrea’s pussy throbbed with a need that she hadn’t felt in a long time. No vibrator or shower head would be able to get the job done now. She needed Santa’s candy-cane flavored cock and hot chocolate flavored cum. 

“Now, let’s get to the punishment I owe you.” He said.

“Punishment?” She asked.

He didn’t respond. He just grabbed her hand and led her up the stairs to her room. He navigated her house with ease like he had been there a thousand times before this. Santa sat down on the edge of her bed and pulled him into her. He pulled her leggings and panties down with one quick motion. Then flipped her over his lap.

“You’ve been such a naughty girl this year. I have to punish you. I know exactly how to fix your naughty behavior, but first you need your punishment.” He rubbed each of her ass cheeks, slowly. His hand pausing to squeeze each one.

She felt a slap on her ass and it began to sting. It was quickly followed by three more.

“Oof!” She called out with each slap.

He paused only to rub each of her ass cheeks, caressing them slightly before sliding a finger inside of her extra wet pussy. He pulled his finger out and spanked her four more times. 









He followed it up by rubbing her ass checks and fingering her again. 

“Please, Santa. Fuck me.”

“Tell me what you want for Christmas.” He said, slow and sexy, rubbing his cock.

“I want to feel you inside me, Santa.” She said.

“Guess I better deliver your present.” He helped lift her up and then had her lay back on the bed where he climbed between her legs and without warning, placed his mouth to her clit. He sucked on it and ran it up and down the length of her clit. He’d pause at the top to flick it, which drove her wild. He didn’t stop and she felt herself getting closer. But she’d never came from oral before so she wasn’t about to hold her breath. Santa, however, continued to eat her pussy. 

“I’m gonna cum!” She yelled out. Santa began to eat her harder and faster until suddenly she had succumbed to a toe-numbing orgasm and her body began to shake wiht pleasure.

Santa sat up and held his fat cock in his hand. She watched as the tip curved again and she braced as he shoved himself inside of her. The curve rubbing perfectly along her g-spot. 

“Ooo fuck.” She moaned. 

Santa pulled back until his cock was outside of her pussy. He held it and rubbed it against her clit, hard and fast. Getting her on the edge of another orgasm. He shoved himself back inside of her before she had time to react and she yelled out in a mixture of pleasure and pain. He reached down and rubbed her clit with his thumb as he thrust in and out of her.

“Santa’s got a sack full of presents for you.” He said.

“Oh my God.” She moaned.

He continued to fuck her, hard, deep, fast and rubbed her clit. The curve of his cock, perfectly hit her g-spot and suddenly another orgasm ripped through her. She tossed her head back and slammed her eyes shut as she let the pleasure take over.

She felt a unique warmth feel her up and she realized it was Santa’s cum again. He groaned with each final thrust as they orgasm-ed together.

“Mmm. Your pussy was perfect.” He said as he pulled himself out of her. The hot chocolate cum dripping from the head of his cock. “Now that I’ve fucked the naughty out of you, I hope you don’t blow your friends off to play with yourself next year.” He said.

She stared at him in disbelief. He’d hardly gave her time to come down from the two best orgasms of her life before he was getting dressed in his Santa suit. Which she thought they had left downstairs. But it didn’t matter, Santa was magical. Well, mostly his cock.

“I promise not to be naughty next year, Santa.” She said. 

“I hope not, or I’ll have to punish you even more.” He said. Without as much as a kiss, he was gone. But she heard noises on the roof. Andrea quickly got dressed and stepped outside to see Santa on her roof, climbing into his sleigh with 9 reindeer in the lead. She could believe it. 

“Thanks for the fuck. Merry Christmas.” He called out and she watched his sleigh lift into the sky and fly off into the night. And as she stood there, in a robe with nothing under it and her pussy still stinging from the pounding she’d just received she thought about the next year.

“I can’t wait until a friend needs my help this year.” She said to herself and her pussy tingled. She was going to be even worse this next year. 

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