Vegas Vacation

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Why is Vegas the best place to go for an adult vacation? Because it’s like an adult Disney World. (Nothing against Disney World, don’t come for me.) I’m going to tell you exactly why I feel this way and you’re gonna be wondering why you haven’t been yet or why you haven’t been in a while.

Vegas 2019 Baby

A little background story. Not only have I been there with N, I also went quite a few times as a child. Because there are fun things there for families, but let me tell you, it’s so nice to have a real adult vacation. But if you’re almost 21 it’s a real drag.

I went in July 2011 when my oldest brother got married. They got married in Hawaii but we decided to meet up with my other brother in Vegas and fly together to Hawaii, so we drove and stayed a night before the flight and a night after. I was 20 years old. 3 months shy of my 20th birthday. My mom took me to the arcade. Let me repeat that, MY MOM TOOK ME TO THE ARCADE AT 20. If you don’t already feel like you’re at an awkward age, have a parent take you to an arcade. It does wonders to make you feel even more like a child. But I digress. 

The next time I went was in April 2013. It was when I married N. We got married in a fucking castle. Beat that. Okay, so it was really just a run down hotel, but a castle nonetheless. LET ME HAVE MY FANTASY. 

We then began a tradition of going every two years. We went in August 2015 and June 2017. Now it looks like it’s that time again! Another Vegas Vacation is coming and I cannot wait. 

Why Should You Go?

Because it’s fucking Vegas. Okay, okay. For real here are my top five reasons why you should go to Vegas at least once as an adult.

It’s Mostly Adults

While it can be a family vacation spot, it’s mostly adults. What adult doesn’t want to surrounded by other adults when on vacation? Should you try to go without the kids in tow? ABSOLUTELY. But if you can’t, there’s plenty for you to do as a family in Vegas.

It’s Inexpensive To Travel There

While some of the hotels are actually quite expensive, the themed ones are more inexpensive (and fun!) than the luxury ones. And flights to Vegas are super cheap. On Kayak, I was able to find round-trip flights for two people from Denver to Vegas for $97/each. That’s so inexpensive!

Alcohol, Gambling, Sex, Weed

Whatever your vice is, Vegas is sure to have it. With the legalization of weed, Vegas has really become a one-stop-shop for adults to do whatever suits them. Maybe you aren’t into alcohol or weed, that’s okay because gambling is a lot of fun. (I like slots.) And you wouldn’t be here if you hated sex. Not to mention, you can WALK AROUND WITH YOUR ALCOHOL ON THE STRIP. HELL. YEAH.

Shopping & Food

The shopping here is amazing! Not only is there an actual mall quite a few hotels have large shopping areas inside of them anything from normal stores you’d find in a mall near you to high-end fashion. It all comes together so nicely. BUT another big thing about shopping in Vegas is all the specialty stores. M&M, Coke, and countless boutiques and Las Vegas stores. There’s so much to look at and buy here!

While the shopping is a lot of fun and I always find myself returning with a brand new piece of luggage full of everything we bought while we were there, it’s also home to some of the most amazing food. I’m sure you’ve heard about the buffets, but don’t let that fool you. That’s not all there is to Vegas. (And yes, some are much better than others. I.E. Don’t eat at the buffet in the Excalibur.) They have countless fast food options if you are tight on a budget (like N & I were in April 2013). They also have White Castle AND In & Out. There’s a copious amount of restaurants from celebrity ones to regular run-of-the-mill restaurants. Whatever it is you want, Vegas has.

The Shows

Vegas is home to so many different shows that if you ever find yourself bored of gambling (or maybe you need to save money because you’ve gone a little crazy and that budget you had set out isn’t working out) you can find plenty of different shows to go and watch. They have everything from family-friendly shows to super sexy ones (my fav). 

Why You Should Go With Your Partner – ALONE

Now while I have mentioned that Vegas can be for families. You should try to go with your partner ALONE to Vegas. The reason being that it can be a great bonding experience. To be without children in an adult atmosphere can really bring you both together. You don’t have to worry about anything other then what you’re going to do next.

Being alone in a place like Vegas can also allow you to experiment sexually. It’s just the two of you in an atmosphere fulled by dropping all inhibitions. It’s hard NOT to have sex in Vegas. 

I honestly think every couple should go at least once, alone. Especially if there’s been a lot of tension, it can be the perfect reset you need.

VEGAS 2019

I’m going to do more posts on Vegas where I’ll update you on our travel plans but also help you plan the perfect Vegas Vacation. They will be a hell of a lot more sexier, too. Because I’ve got a lot of fun stuff planned for this blog when we go next. 😉 

Have you ever been to Vegas?

Stay sexy. Stay positive.




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