How to be Intimate With a House Full of Family

Hello and welcome to blogmas here at Ashley Dannielle! ❤ I’m so excited to be participating this year and I have some great things planned!  I’ve got so much lined up from sexy tips to advice, to reviews, to sexy holiday-themed short stories. I hope you enjoy the next 25 days. Make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss out on a single, sexy holiday post!

The holidays are among us once again. Man time sure does fly, doesn’t it? With said holiday’s brings households full of family for sometimes up to two weeks. It’s already a stressful time of year, but throw in in-laws, shopping for presents, managing finances, working, cooking for more people, traveling, having to stay somewhere you might not be comfortable at etc. It can be a lot and by the time the December is over, you realize you hardly had any sex let alone been intimate with your partner. I’ve got some tips for staying intimate even through all the holiday chaos. 

Intimacy Doesn’t Automatically Mean SEX

Often times, people automatically think of sex when they think of being intimate with someone, but it isn’t true. Intimacy can come in many different forms such as kissing, holding hands, lightly touching, hugging and cuddling.

The best thing you and your spouse can do together is to keep showing each other affection. It’ll reduce both of yours stress levels. Some ideas of keeping the intimacy include:

  • Sit next to each other as much as possible and hold hands or place your hand on their leg. It’s such a simple move but it can keep the intimacy alive.
  • Hold hands when you’re out in public. 
  • Share a peck or two. (Don’t start full on making out in front of grandma. She might not like that.)
  • Hug. Hugging is so huge as it can make you happier and reduce your stress levels. When you hug someone, the hormone Oxytocin is released, thus helping you to feel happier, more calm, and less stressed. 
  • The above can also be said for cuddling as it is referred to as the “cuddle hormone”.
  • Pick your battles, try not to give into the stress and fight over little things because at the end of the day, it just isn’t worth it. 

Remember that you don’t have to allow the stress to take over everything and you don’t have to shy away from some affection when you’re around family. Keeping the intimacy alive between the both of you will help keep your relationship less stressful this December and when you can have sex, will make it so much better. ❤

Stay sexy. Stay positive.




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