Spice Things Up – Different Positions

Series Post 001

Spicing things up in the bedroom from time to time will keep the passion between you and your partner, alive. This is going to be an ongoing series of tips.

(*Note is this 100% NSFW. You have been warned.)

What Positions do you Normally use?

Think about the last time you had sex with your partner. Was it good? Was it okay? Was it great? That’s awesome if it was great but if you think it was just “okay” or “good” then keep on reading because you could use this tip for sure.

What position(s) did you use? Was it just one or were multiple involved? If multiple were used were they the same positions, that you love, but the same nonetheless?

Positions to try-

If missionary and cowgirl are the only positions you use, this can get rather boring. Next time you and your partner have sex, try one of these three positions.

Doggie Style

You get on all fours and let your partner enter you from behind. They can grasp your hips or pull your hair – the decision is yours.

Sure you’ve probably done it before, but when was the last time you’ve had sex in this position? This position is amazing because it allows for a deeper penetration.

Reverse Cowgirl

Your partner lays down while you climb on top but face away from them. You spread your legs just as you would when having normal cowgirl sex. (If you’re a female, you can also get some fun clitoral stimulation in by rubbing your clit as you ride your partner. And yes, gay men can have sex like this, too. 😊)

Speaking of deeper penetration, while you are used to riding in cowgirl position, why not try reverse cowgirl. Again, you create a deeper penetration but this has a different feeling to it. It’s not as direct and you get to be the one in control.

Stomach First

Now I’ve seen this one called “the union of the elephant” and “the plain”. I’m not sure the actual term but it’s when you lay down on your stomach and your partner enters you from behind and lays on top of you.

Not only does this open up for a deeper penetration, it also helps stimulate the g-spot at the same time as their penis (or dildo for the lesbians!) hits the gspot as it enters. There is also a sense of deep intimacy and closeness about this one. Plus, you are facing away from one another so there’s no pressure on what kind of faces you feel you have to make.

Try one of these three positions the next time you have sex and note how it changes sex for you. While all three have the same deep penetration theme, each one feels COMPLETELY different.

My favorite?

The third one not only does it feel amazing but the sense of intimacy increases the pleasure for me.

I want to note that it is perfectly okay to have vanilla sex most of time or even all of the time, these are just tips to help you spice things up.

Stay sexy. Stay positive.




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