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I currently have two stories up on Wattpad – one of which has EXCEEDED my expectations and has almost 14K reads!!

Billionaire Boss in Vegas


Skylar Chase is the personal assistant of billionaire CEO Nathan King. A big tech conference in Las Vegas, has the two spending a weekend together. Just not in the way she thought. Upon arriving at the Bellagio Resort & Casino, they find out that she never booked the second room for herself, just Nathan’s suite. Due to the conference, the hotel is completely booked. Leaving no other options, Nathan has Skylar stay with him. The heat rises as the two spend more alone time together. Can they resist the temptations or will they give in?


I moaned. “Mmm.” I was so fucking turned on and all I wanted was to feel him inside of him. He stood back, in his boxers and shirt, sliding his shirt off his body effortlessly.

“And don’t worry, I know you were checking me out this morning.”

I let out a small laugh. “I was not.”

“No need to lie, Miss Chase.” He said, leaning down and kissing me once again. His mouth moved from mine and down to my neck, where he kissed me gently and then started sucking on it.

I moaned and giggled at the same time. “Be careful what you do,” I said, thinking of there being a hickey on my neck.

“Oh, you don’t want any marks? You don’t want to remember this?” He joked.

I stared at him, “I’ll never forget this.”

This short story has exceeded all my expectations. I cannot believe I have almost 14K reads. I thank each and every single one of you, from the bottom of my ♥️.

Read it here.

His Best-Kept Secret


Amber’s boss is the Editor-In-Chief of a sports magazine owned by mega media company, Marston Media. She is his assistant and is quite smitten. Who wouldn’t be? He’s sexy, down-to-earth and charming. One night, she brings him some papers he needs to his apartment and he asks her to stay. Their flirting leads to THE. BEST. SEX. OF. HER. LIFE. He agrees. The problem? He is engaged to the Editor-In-Chief of a fashion magazine owned by Marston Media. Their engagement is a sham. A way to sell more magazines. But if they want to keep their jobs they have to keep the ruse up. Amber eagerly agrees to be with him only in private and not hope for anything for more. She becomes his best-kept secret.


His lips were full and soft as they crashed into mine. It awakened a powerful desire within me. I wanted him so badly. Something, somewhere deep inside me was screaming for me to stop, to turn back now before things went any farther, but I wasn’t listening to that part of me. For all I cared, my voice of reason was non-existent.

I kissed him back. His tongue encompassing mine. He tasted of the sweet white wine we had just been drinking and it only made me want more of him. Our kisses grew hungrier, greedier.

He stopped, and we pulled apart, breathless. “I shouldn’t be doing this.” He says.

And within another heartbeat, he claimed my mouth with his own and I felt his hands grip my hips. He picked me up and set me on him, straddling him. I could feel his hard cock pressing into my pussy through our jeans and I couldn’t help but grind on him. I wanted to feel him inside me. I needed it. I was craving it.

This story isn’t completed as of yet, but I’m updating as much as possible and I’m very excited about it.

Read it here.

I hope you’ll check out my work on Wattpad! Your support means the world to me and I want to continue to make content that you love.

Stay sexy. Stay positive.



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