What Does it Mean to be Sex-Positive?

This new blog of mine, focuses on being sex-positive. Because I think that something as natural as sex should be embraced. We see all too often, still even in 2018, sex being shunned. I want to help shed light that this kind of thinking is not only old fashioned but also harmful.


Sex-positive is defined as “having or promoting an open, tolerant, or progressive attitude towards sex and sexuality.”

This sort of thinking is growing in popularity but there is still so many people who have the same backwards idea that sex is somehow wrong. 🙄

Why Being Sex-Negative is Harmful

Being sex-negative isn’t harmful for people physically per-say but it is harmful for you mentally and in turn that can turn into depression which causes physical aliments.

But that isn’t really my point here. My point is that people everywhere, from every walk of life, are still being shunned for embracing a part of them that is 100% natural. A part of them that should never be oppressed.

Humans don’t have sex just to pro-create and somewhere along the lines, despite so much research, and to be frank, practice, we still have kept it in our minds that sex is only for procreation. It’s not. At all. Sex is something we are all drawn to. Hence the phrase “sex sells”. There might be a biological drive from long ago to procreate, but we’ve evolved and sex is so much more than that.

 What Does it Mean to me?

To me, being sex-positive is embracing that part of you that some people want you to stifle. Your sexiness, your sexuality, your kinks. I believe each and every person should be embracing these parts of them. Each and every person should be letting their freak flag fly. 

You have had sex, you like it and you shouldn’t be shying away from that. Sex is amazing and should be accepted by everyone. You shouldn’t be afraid to enjoy it or talk about enjoying it.

I’m embracing my own sexuality now and not shying away from it. I’m a married 28-year-old and I enjoy writing about sex. I enjoy having sex with my husband. And I enjoy encouraging others to enjoy their own sex lives. Because when you can openly talk about and embrace sex, your life can become exponentially more exciting and positive. Not to mention, you’ll feel more confident.

Stick around for steamy and educational type content. I’m here to deliver. If you have any questions, need advice, or just want to send me compliments or complaints fill out the form on my Contact page.


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