After a year and a half of hiding a certain aspect of myself I’ve decided I’m done. I don’t want to hide behind ghostwriting or my own pseudonym anymore.

I’m a big supporter of being true to yourself and not caring what people think, I’ve just never taken my own advice and today I’m saying “F*** THAT!”

Drumroll Please…

I WRITE EROTICA. There I said it. Announcement has been made. I’ve told the world what I do and you know what? It feels SO DAMN GOOD. It feels so freeing!

Sex is a 100% natural thing and it just so happens I’m really good at writing romance stories with sex scenes in it.

You can find my most successful story here ⬇️⬇️⬇️

At just over 10K reads I’m excited to share this with the world and let everyone know I am working on an actual novel! Consider this short story just a prequel.

*Note: if you don’t like erotica I also write normal romance and can’t wait to share a whole series I have planned out with you!!!


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